The character of our extra virgin olive oil

Let's say something about our extravergin olive oil.
We have already saw from where it comes and how we produce it, but why we can sey that our extravergin is better than the 80% of others olive oil?
In first of all for the quality of olives : only picked from the plant and only during the months of October and November, when their qualitative characteristics are at the top.
Again for the fast, cold and only meccanichal
oil extraction.
Other oils (most of those that are in supermarkets) are obtained by olives picked after natural fall, and so contaminated by mold, dirt and rot, and usually in the late of the season (because when they are very ripe produce more oil, but with bad features).
In addition, to increase the yield, chemical agents are often used in the extraction as well as extremely high  temperatures, methods which make very low the quality of the final product.  And finally, to bring back the oil within the parameters set by the law, the product is corrected and adjusted still chemically.
Our Extravergin oil not, we take care to ensure that each step is in compliance with highest quality.
At the end of the process we get a completely natural oil, with all the components that allow it to be classified as superior without further adjustment.
Here the analysis of our oil performed in a laboratory approved and authorized:
(click to enlarge)


Its acidity is naturally very low (less than 0.3%, well below 1% maximum permitted by law to define extra virgin olive oil).
Even peroxides, given the earliness of the olive harvest, are 50%  lower than required by law, providing greater durability and purity over time.
And also the K... values, that guarantee the genuineness of the oil, are fully included within the limits.

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